About Me

My name is Aktar Alam. On my Blog Aktar Marketing you will get valuable Content on how to grow business online. 

In my personal life, I am a wife and a mother to a Toddler.

While the world was getting shaken up with the pandemic in 2020 I have been focused more and more on starting and establishing myself as an online entrepreneur.

During this journey, my husband has been a blessing for me who always encourages me to be independent through my abilities and to do what I love to do. I am a very good example of how people can make out of a frustrating situation like the pandemic a better life.


I got my interest in Online Marketing many years ago. After my Graduation I went to a university. Thereafter I joined my job as marketing manager in a computer company. As  I had always my vision to start my own online business I kept learning in thies field. 

I was too busy with my work so that I couldn’t manage to start my own business. But all the time I  had one big desire that whenever I will become a mother I want to stay at home and be there for my children. In 2019 my son was born. The first 6 month I was busy coping up with the new role of motherhood. Finally in February 2020 I started with my online business. 


It was scary, because I wasn’t known in my niche and  didn’t have any money back then.  Although I haven’t started not for so long I could manage to do affiliate Marketing and launch my own training courses and coaching successfully.

It was all because My desire is to help people with valuable information to implement and transform their life for betterment.  

So that I learned to come out and avoided procrastination. My right moves, dedication and determination has brought me so far success in a very short span of time. 


My strength:

I am specialized in Product creation, affiliate marketing and online traffic especially organic traffic. As a Product creator and coach, I know how impactful it is to be in the power of getting traffic for our business with our own ability. For me, this is the real freedom of a business owner.


Though it is really tough to manage time for my business while being a mother to a toddler,  I am now growing my youtube channel AktarMarketing . 

On my channel, I share valuable content on business growth, online traffic, business mindset, and motivation for coaches, entrepreneurs, affiliate Marketers generally for everyone who wants to work from home.

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